This weekend, my sister Katie came up to visit from Baltimore. It was good to have that chica to hang out with, come with me to Zumba class and shop antique stores despite the rain. It's also good to bring your sister with you when you go to a new salon for a new haircut. See below:

Haircuts never look as good the second day as they do the day you have them, but I am trying to work it out. In the shower this morning, it felt SHORT. While preparing dinner, I caught a glimpse of myself in the window and it looked SHORT. I am trying to get over that because, well, it looks so much better than it did before. Even if it is SHORT.

Tomorrow, dear friends, I am starting a new routine. Earlier, I told Katie that I was excited to start it. "Sometimes," I said, "I feel that my life is a succession of finding ways to get excited and motivating myself to do things I do not want to do."

Starting tomorrow, my weekdays begin at 7am. Some days I will go to the gym and others I will write. It seems I have to get Down To Business with my writing self. She is not very motivated lately and finds lots of other things to distract herself. Like planting gardens and petting Oscar and taking bubble baths. I'm hoping that the habit of getting up at the same time everyday will help me be more productive. Sigh. Story of everyone's lives, right?

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