Questions to which there are no answers.

Sometimes I get a hankering for Brussel Sprouts. Why are they so crunchy and delicious?

I have an anti-wrinkle moisturizer and often forget to put it on my nose. Will I end up with a perfectly smooth face with a mega-wrinkly nose?

I started reading The Picture of Dorian Gray on January 1. I still haven't finished. Why can't I get on board?

My gym supplies people with towels to use when working out. I suppose this is so you're not sweating profusely on the ellipticals. The past two times I've gone to the gym, my towels have smelled like Fritos Corn Chips. Reality or wishful thinking on my part?

The dog down the hall is named Truman and he is, as his owner says, "a leaner." This means that he tries to lean all over you whenever you share the elevator with him. He has a giant bushy tail and adorable smiling face. How long til I steal him as a companion to Oscar-loo?


Britt said...

The Picture of Dorian Gray might be my favorite novel ever. It's definitely not "riveting" but it's so beautiful. Please, try to see it through to the end!

Jen said...

Britt, this is exactly why I wrote that! I needed to hear someone smart say that they adored that book. Back at it later tonight, I promise. :)

ev said...

LOVE a leaner!!!

Jess said...

Jenep, my dog is a leaner too! Sometime I feel like my knee is going to crack in half but I never push him away because I don't want him to ever stop the habit. It's pretty much the most endearing thing I've ever had an animal do to me.

Miss you as always!