Tiny tinies.

Broccoli and sweet pea plants leading the race so far; they've only been growing for five days. Seed + water + soil + sun. It is amazing to me that that's all it takes.


Britt said...

Love the little babies! Going to start mine today. Nature is amazing, isn't it?

skersh said...

So cool! I've never started seeds, but your posts inspired sniebs and me and we've got the seeds, dirt and egg cartons ready :-)

And I love the pics of Oscar's morning bath in the sun. sigh. ~love~

Kelley said...

Jen! You are a master gardener. So looking forward to sharing the sun with those plants on your deck this summer!

Anonymous said...

i love those little guys! you should totally take the same pic of the same one every day at the same time (or twice daily?) & then turn it into a timelaps video at some point! would be so great! (do you like how i'm imposing my creative ideas onto you cause i'm too lazy to do it myself?)