Away poor buddy!

My new phone arrived last night. It's a Nexus One (aka Smartphone), which means that there is a slightly lower probability of me getting lost on the way to meet you for dinner. I wrote about it at work this morning - check it out.

It made a funny noise a few minutes ago and I took it out of the case to inspect the situation. A text message! From Mom! It was an update about our cat Toby, who is getting older and we've just learned has a thyroid problem. "Aww poor buddy!" I typed and sent. Then, a moment later, another text message from Mom.


Oops. Turns out I am not good at typing on touch screens yet. The message she received was "Away poor buddy!" AS IF I WAS SHUNNING MY BELOVED FAMILY PET TO THE UNDERWORLD.

Le sigh. Auto-complete text fields, you challenge me.

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