Coming home.

Last night we had coffee with a friend that I studied abroad with in Aix-en-Provence. Hard to believe that was almost a decade ago. Hard to believe how much has changed since I saw her last. Hard to believe that we were catching up around a table with her husband from Nebraska and my boyfriend from Wisconsin. Ah, the stuff of Facebook, the moments when you feel like having a FB profile is worth more than sifting through people's Farmville and Mafia Wars updates. (HIDE THEM, PEOPLE! FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR REPUTATIONS. Sheesh.)

"So are you thinking of moving here?!" Stephanie squeals. I look at Chris.
"I mean, it was something I wondered when we first got here," Chris admits.
"But now??"
I step in. "We're always thinking about moving somewhere, no matter where we visit."

This is the truth. We're always perusing cities and states, wondering "is this us? Do we fit here?" I think I still believe that the perfect place exists, though this idea seems more juvenile as my travels pile up.

We have a weird mix of nostalgia for Brooklyn here. Chris even admitted in our conversation that he thinks he'll miss Brooklyn when we eventually go. I will too. But I can't (I really can't!) see what more than a few years of a life looks like among the skyscrapers in New York $ity.

Today has been an odd last day in Seattle. We had to check out of our hotel this morning, so we've been homeless all day, stuffing the luggage in the rental car and wandering the chilly streets. Now we're huddled up in a Starbucks with free wifi, my love and I. We're ready to get going.

I have lots to share about Seattle, but the bottom line is this: I love traveling for how inspired and re-energized and excited I am for getting back to my real life. I have so many ideas for new things to make and cook and grow and visit. I suppose this is what five restful days does for your mental state. Walking different streets and navigating different transportation is so refreshing.

And yet, I'm so done with eating out. I'm tired of being cold and carrying an umbrella. I miss friends and my cat and my garden. Brooklyn, we're coming home.

See you soon.

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