My first reading.

I've been trying to write this post for three days. It's funny how some mediums of communication are easier than others. I called my Mom immediately after my writing class on Tuesday night, I sent a tweet out into the universe, I posted this on Facebook. But I struggled with how to make this announcement here. Here goes.

I'm going to be giving a public reading of my fiction on May 5th.

It's so, so exciting. At its most basic level, it's a natural step for people who take classes at the 92-Y. One member of each class gets selected to read and to be published in the 92-Y literary magazine. But to me it feels like such a huge opportunity, such a motivator. Such a chance to invite friends and family (finally!) in to listen to a story that's been banging around my brain since Nanowrimo in November.

If you are in New York on May 5th and would like to attend, I would love it. The only thing getting me through the nerve-inducing daydreams of the event is the prospect that there will be some friendly and familiar faces in the audience.

I'm so excited. Did I say that already? Did I say how this feels like an opening, how yesterday in the subway just the mere knowledge of this upcoming date helped me to plan out an entire collection of short stories? Suddenly a strong wind comes through and lifts me up the slightest bit, lifts me up so I can see what might lie two months, two years down the road.

Good things are coming. I'm almost sure of it.

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