Another weekend bites the dust

We had a visitor this weekend, the lovely British Katie. I would post a photo of the two of us on the Brooklyn Bridge, but I am too tired to find my camera, find my charger, upload the photos and name them. So you'll have to trust me on this one: she was here and it was a good time.

Some highlights from the weekend:
  • Taking Katie out for Mexican food on Friday (her first time!)
  • Farmer's market and flower shopping on Saturday
  • Meeting up with Tejal, Avi and Saurabh at the Brooklyn Bridge and bringing them back here to play with Oscar and check out the views
  • Blue Marble ice cream (and the laborious decision of choosing flavors)
  • Brunch with Eliza this morning (Katie requested American pancakes and so I obliged... willingly!)

Literally all I want to do right now is watch bad TV.

Somehow May 2010 has shot us into an insane social life. I haven't had ONE EVENING free so far and that won't let up this week either. After Katie left for a train this afternoon, I looked at Chris and said "who are you again?" We haven't had much time together lately and have designated next weekend OUR TIME. Can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

Jen! It was great to see you guys again. Absolutely LOVE your apartment and Oscar!