Hey! It's my blog-i-versary!

I've been watching the date for a week or so now, well aware that the anniversary of this blog was coming up. And it was only tonight that I clicked to see what the content of that first post was. You can read it right here.

Very appropriate! Because four years ago when I was leaving New York, I could not have guessed that one day I'd be living here and spending the weekend showing my boyfriend's dad and step-mom around the city. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and hung out in lower Manhattan; we took a Circle Line boat tour and took evening strolls in Brooklyn. It certainly was a NY-filled weekend.

Last night my parents came down to meet us all for dinner and it was the loveliest night that we've had in a while, four parents and us and French food and amazing ice cream afterwards. And as we told stories and laughed about life stuff, I realized how much of that is chronicled on this blog and how grateful I am to have it recorded somewhere.

So happy blog-i-versary, little blog. You make me happy.


Amber, theAmberShow said...

Happy Blog-i-versary! Mine was on Saturday!

Erica said...

Happy blogiversary Jen ! Mine's coming up as well ... thanks to your post, i might actually remember to write about it !!