Hi folks. Sorry for the absence of posts lately- we've been in Boston for work for the past few days. Here's the info for tonight's reading (for those who are in the neighborhood and interested):

  • 7pm (there are 12 students who each read for 8 minutes, not sure where I am in the line-up)
  • 92-Y (92nd and Lexington)
  • It looks like there will be a nice little group coming, so we'll probably try to get a drink or two after the reading. It IS Cinco de Mayo, afterall.
Ok, that's it! Here's to no nerves. I'll be practicing all the way home on the train.

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Sarah said...

Jepting - Congrats on your reading; I'm hoping everything went exactly according to plan! Can't wait to hear all about it.
P.S. We should definitely go Kayaking this summer!