To wander, to wander.

The other night after a delicious dinner at Char No.4, we took a short walk to digest before ice cream. We wandered up to Warren Place, an adorable little section of workman's cottages from the late-1800s. It was a perfect time of evening for a walk and we were proud to show Chris' family around the neighborhood. It's awesome when you live in a place you're proud of.

The times in my life that I've had the most healthy lifestyle (including eating well, getting some exercise and generally feeling happy) have been periods of time spent living in beautiful and walkable neighborhoods. When I lived in Clermont, I took an hour-long walk each night just to get to know the smaller roads and the shortest routes to different places around town (it helped that Clermont only takes about 20 minutes to cross the entire centre-ville...).

Paris was, obviously, another good place for walking. I would often leave my place 30 minutes early just to walk to a further subway stop, enjoying the scenery along the way. It made me enjoy the city more and it helped me slim down.

Now that I'm walking over the bridge in the mornings, I'm starting to remember how it felt to walk among beautiful places. And when I'm not walking towards work, I like to stroll around Brooklyn Heights. It is seriously the most interesting and aesthetically pretty place in the city to me and I love (really, really love) that we're so close to it.

All of this has made me think of past places I've lived that worked on many levels (rent, ease of commute, etc.), but rarely motivated me to wander. I suppose it's pretty obvious, but living in a beautiful setting can do much for feeling beautiful oneself. Important thoughts to keep in mind for our post-city-dwelling days...

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