92 Rivington Tailor

I was born an inch too short. At least that's what Gap or Banana Republic would like me to think. Anytime I buy a pair of jeans (and ohhh the trials and tribulations that causes!), I need to get them hemmed. Not by much, but they're just long enough as-purchased that they're un-wearable.

Enter googling for good tailors. Two years ago I found a place on Yelp or some other review site and I went there after work. On my way, I ran into a random person from High School who was... wait for it... ALSO getting her pants hemmed at the same shop. Cue vaguely awkward conversation for 20 minutes while we waited.

Cut to present day. I bought new jeans last month, victory after a long journey of denim shopping. I tried to remember then name of the place, I searched my email, I even went on Google Maps to the neighborhood that I thought it was in. No dice.

In my mind, I could see it so clearly, a shop on the north side of the street near Delancey and Essex; I had been there in the late afternoon and was blinded by the sun when this girl from High School called out my name. So I trusted my memory and took the train down to Delancey to wander around and find it. Within 5 minutes, I had my tailor shop:

The reason I'm posting this here (I know, blah blah hemming pants) is that they were EXCELLENT. I walked in, tried on the jeans, the guy made one chalk mark, I gave him the jeans, and sat down to read and wait. SIX PAGES LATER they were done. And it was FIVE BUCKS. You cannot get that kind of awesome service for that price anywhere else.

If you need tailor work done in New York, head to these guys. They're on 92 Rivington Street and they are, quite simply, exactly what I needed them to be.

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