Have a party for no reason: CHECK.

Chris and I have a Valentine's Day tradition of sitting down with little index cards and writing things we want to do together. Consider it a couple's version of Maggie Mason's Life List. We keep the little cards in this old jewelry pouch in our kitchen drawer and every so often we pick through the cards, looking for inspiration on a boring evening.

Some examples of things we want to do together:
  • Spend a night someplace with a fireplace and make smores
  • Learn to cook something difficult together
  • Make a maze for Oscar
  • Visit a planetarium
  • Homemade movie night with popcorn and candy
  • Buy a house together

Clearly some goals are larger than others.

One of the cards said "Have a party for no reason" and this weekend, we did it! Loosely titled a "Summer Party," we hosted a shindig for about 40 people. There was guacamole and watermelon and lots of beer. The deck proved to be one of the best parts (as we knew it could be!) and we were lucky to have a beautiful Brooklyn sunset behind it all. Here are some pictures to prove how it all went down, most of them taken by my charmingly wasted boyfriend. We had a great time!

(Psst: you may notice some other Eptings in these photos! That's right! The sibs were in town!)


Amber, theAmberShow said...

My hair was having a moment. Also, my husband is WEIRD!

Thanks for inviting us!

Maddy said...

What's 'smores'?? I'm trying to work it out with the context, and all I can come up with is: 'toasted marshmallows', 'shadow figures on the wall with our hands', or 'love'. All of these would fit - are any right?? Either I'm being stupid or this is an Americanism which washes clean over the head of unaccustomed Brits such as myself :)