The importance of good work.

I am under no disillusion about the presence of work in my future: I will always work. I really mean that, and I don't include the whole "even if I'm a famous writer who writes novels while surrounded by my African violets at home, that will be hard work!" kind of work. I guess I just like offices.

Some truths:
1. I like feeling productive.
2. I like having friendships and professionalships with my co-workers. There is something awesome about the relationships that develop between people whose brains buzz in the same room at the same time.
3. I like commuting, the act of leaving, of arriving, of passing through the outside world as I move my day forward.

I've been very lucky to stumble into a great gig at Arc90. One day I'll write a long and dramatic post about what it was like to leave Frenchness behind and enter into The Land of The Nerds. Suffice it to say, I am very happy doing a whole host of tasks at Arc: from UI design to client relations to helping make good decisions about this important place. I love it all. And when I don't love it, well, I take a deep breath and I switch gears and I get a chai tea latte. And things are better.

I write this because I just came out of a meeting that's spinning me off in a new direction again. Of anyone at Arc, it sometimes feels like I'm the most randomly-assigned, but I enjoy the frequent switching of contexts. It keeps me fresh.

In this particular meeting, I felt the familiar excitement of a new team and a new challenge. I can't imagine getting that kind of jolt by being a stay-at-home-anything... and though I do think I want to stay home with kids one day (for a certain period of hard-earned-time-off after going through friggin' labor), I don't know that I'll be tempted to extend that for too long.

I feel very lucky to get paid to work with a bunch of smart goofballs. It feels like good work, like earning my living and using the old noggin'... just as those hearty German ancestors would have hoped for me.


Avi said...

Great thoughts! You're quite the philosopher. Keep it up!

LK said...

Hi Jen! Just wanted to let you know that I added you to my blogroll :) Great blog!