One hot June weekend in 2010.

Please excuse the shirtless man who is running towards the camera and, instead, check out those chalk hearts. Pink hearts of Brooklyn! Aw, Brooklyn, you always know how to woo me.

Speaking of which, I took a short walk down to Pier 6 this weekend to check out the renovated playground area and dock where ferries to Governor's Island will depart from all summer long. It was SWEET. Awesome outdoor play space for the kids in the 'hood and a 3-minute ride to Governor's Island. Is that a dream or what? Obviously we are less interested in the playground and more in the ferry, but hey- if I have to walk under the BQE, I'd rather it be towards a playground instead of a crack den! Just sayin'.

On Saturday I saw SATC 2 with my Muhlenberg buddies and I'll say this: yes, it was ridiculous. Yes, Liza Minnelli was involved and so was Kareoke and yes, reading the plot on a piece of paper will always make the doubtful gloat. But man, I loved it. I loved the issues they dealt with (living together, being married, becoming a mother, getting older) and the way the characters reminded me of the very friends I was seeing it with.

When I think of SATC, I relive my 20's, the past nine years of growing and living. I remember walking over to Sarah's house at Muhlenberg at midnight in the winter to watch a couple of episodes before bed. I remember drinking wine and watching episodes with Maddy and Katie on our last night together in Paris, and discussing the men we'd dated. For many women of my generation, this was the show we watched when we were trying to figure out why he took so long to call and what to do about it. The SATC movies have been opportunities to reconnect with the women that went through it with me... and for that, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the show.

Yesterday I saw Babies with Courtney and checked out the Brooklyn Flea and tomorrow I'll go see another documentary with another Courtney and later this week the Sarahs arrive for a few days of lovely visiting before we head down to NJ for Lindsay's wedding on Saturday. Our lives are filled with so many friends, new and old, and I'm so aware of that, aware of how close we live to so many great people. Even Chris said it the other night ("We have such great friends!") and I try not to think about what our lives will be like if and when we leave New York.

I'll leave those worries for another day.

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