Yes! Awesome perfection!

I have to post about this because this is the sort of mundane thing that makes you feel awesome about the world. And what are blogs for if not that exact thing?! Nothing, that's what. Here's a post about a wedding invitation:

My lovely friend Kathryn is getting married in Portland over Labor Day.

Background: Kathryn and I met each other during our MA program in Paris. She is easily one of the most charming and unique and creative beings I've met. She and I and Blythe and Angela spent a good part of the fall semester meeting at a bar in the neighborhood, ordering sexy sounding drinks and asking soul-searching questions.

At the time, we were all at a bit of a loss when it came to love. Some of us were recently broken up, some of us were headed there, and every one of us had stories to tell. And long lists of books we wanted to read. And culture to dissect! It really was a good time. Writing this makes me miss it, actually.

Fast forward: Kathryn is getting married to a boy named Aaron. I've never met this lad, but I know that my favorite girl-who-loves-rainbow-leg-warmers (Kathryn, did I make that up? I can totally see you in them...) has made a great choice. She knows her heart, as I know mine, and from everything I hear she is very, very happy.

So! Imagine my glee (glee!) when, a few months ago, we got their Save-the-Date. It is SO Kathryn and it is SO perfect and it made me happy to get it:

THEN today we got the invitation. And guys, holy crap do I love it. It is witty and relaxed and it feels like them. You know what I mean? This is something that's hard to achieve over email these days... but you know those Christmas cards or letters you get from friends, hand-written and doodled on? And how those letters and cards just feel like the exact human being that created them? Well that's how their invitations feel. Take a peek:

Kathryn and Aaron, we are so excited to join you when you get married on a farm in Portland later this summer. And you can best believe that I'm going to be shopping for the most fun party dress and heels in all of Brooklyn...

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