How to go to bed happy and healthy.

Ask a friend for one simple thing to do to turn your unhealthy day around. Like the idea about making something homemade. Remember that Anne sent you a salmon recipe last year. Find it in your email. Google "fishmonger." Leave your house and tell the monger you've never cooked fish before. Think the scales look like snake skin. Ew.

Marinate the fish while you and your boyfriend read on the couch. Think about how nice it would be if there was always reading hour before dinner. Eat the fish and find that you like it. Eat the asparagus and find that you love it. Feed some fish to the cat and laugh with your boyfriend when he licks his chops and paws for 20 minutes after.

Decide to have a tag team clean-up. Cleaning needs: Swiff, vacuum, garbage, dishwasher. Take turns choosing who does what. Revel in your clean apartment. Slice a peach for dessert. More reading on the couch. More laughing at the cat. More laughing at silly internet sites.

Happy and healthy. Check.

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