Iowa rule #2: Make a new friend.

Spot someone who looks friendly at orientation. Sit next to her. Ask her where she's from. Realize you don't know anything about Singapore. Enjoy her stories about being a dating coach. Make coffee plans, attend extra-curricular lectures together, read each other's work. Make a pact to buy a copy of whoever's book is published first.

Leave Iowa four weeks before she does. Try not to feel jealous.


Edith said...

"I thought about what it would be like to keep to myself during the workshops, to not make impromptu cafe dates and rendez-vous in the local bookshop with new and quirky people I think I'll like. Thinking through that scenario felt weird, very unlike me, but then I started wondering what it would be like to take a break from being me for 8 days in Iowa."
i guess you failed? lol i love meeting new people and discovering their stories and experiences. for me that's what life is about, discoveries!

Jen said...

Haha! You got me, Edith. :)

But I made it safely through a week with the most simple social interactions! Believe me, there were many solitary hours of the day.

xo J ;)

PS New York trip soon? Ever?

Edith said...

i'm plannning a trip to NYC for sure because i am also planning a trip to Montreal to see my sister (she moved to yellowknife,canada with her boyfriend last january, they are now moving to montreal in august) so i will definitely stop in NYC on the way!
but first i have to save money for a project i have, i am leaving ireland in january!!! yes i need new adventures and i don't think ireland is a country where i want my children to grow up so i'm moving to spain (canaries island first, barcelona is the plan B)
so excited :-)))