Whoah. How did a whole week just go by? I don't have the brain for a whole post today, so how about some snippets? Yeah? Cool.
We went to DC this weekend to visit Kate and Steve. Do you know how balls hot DC is in the summer? I made a silent vow to myself during a long (loooong) walk on the Mall that I will only visit DC in February and October from now on. Whose idea was it to make a huge lawn with no trees, anyway?! Way to go, Lafayette.

Some of my favorite people:


Gee whiz, I worked on this book a decade… it's so easy to be a writer or an athlete or a business person if all you're doing is succeeding. The true test if you're a writer to me is can you remain in failure for a long time but still believe you have talent.

- Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz (in a podcast about The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao)


I've been working a lot lately. I get in pretty early in the morning and try to leave around 5, but that doesn't happen. Last night I spent over an hour in a subway that was stuck because of a sick passenger. I look at the weekends from now til October and see how booked they are and it gives me shallow breath. My time is not my own. It's starting to piss me off. And yet it's no one's fault by my own.

I've been trying to write in the mornings for 30 minutes, but these little sessions aren't long enough to get invested in the text. I'm craving free time and space (hours of it) to spend with the piece in front of me.

Extricating myself from social obligations needs work.


A public thank you for all of the lovely comments people had on my story in Podium. Emails and face-to-face and Facebook... sharing The Leaving with people has been an awesome experience, both exhilarating and depressing at times. Lovely Margaret... where will she go? What will she do now? That's what I'm figuring out now, while writing her adventure. I'm excited for the day that I know the answers to those questions... and especially for the day I can share them with all of you.

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