Status update: writing a novel.

I'm feeling stingy with my words. I got back on Saturday night and other than short phone conversations with my Mom and Chris, I've been able to push all my words into my writing. That feels good. It also feels a little bit anti-social, but I know that this precious quiet time is only valid until Chris comes home from Wisconsin tonight and I go back to work tomorrow morning. I have mere hours left until real life swoops down and reclaims me.

For once, I feel centered and focused. It's paying off.

Of course I have lots to say about my week in Iowa, the two classes I took, the stories I started, the novel work I did while I was there. Meeting people from all over and spending my days in exactly two modes: Reading and Writing.

I think that all of this is to say that I need more time. I have a few photos from the trip and I'm going to set this up so that something posts each day this week as I ease back into real life.

In the meantime, here's a little something you might be interested in reading. My short story, The Leaving, was published last Monday in Podium. This is the piece I worked on all spring and I'm currently using it as the basis for my first novel. PHEW. That's an ambitious sentence! And yet it's true.

I'm home from Iowa. I'm working on a novel and I'm juggling a couple of shorter pieces on the side. And I really, really couldn't feel more like this is the right direction.

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LK said...

I've added The Leaving to my "favorites" folder and will read it shortly. Can't wait!