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This weekend we attended our first gay wedding.

"It'll be weird when our kids say 'I can't believe gay marriage wasn't legal when you guys were younger!" said Chris.

Yep. Yep, it will.

And here's the funny thing. The ceremony we witnessed? Normal wedding. The party we celebrated afterwards? Totally awesome coming-together of two families. Gay wedding? How about plain old AWESOME WEDDING!

During our drive back the next day, Chris and I couldn't stop talking about how freaking WHOLESOME the party was. We square danced, for crying out loud! And we met Aunt Annie and a nice lady named Alice and her husband Jim. Oh, and the cousins! And the backyard, where Evelyn married Dani next to a garden full of tomatoes and squash plants. It was kind of like the 1950s.

When the sun went down and the little twinkling lights went on inside the tent, we walked into the backyard to look at the stars. We don't get to see stars in Brooklyn; the streetlamps are too bright. But up there, in one of the oldest parts of our country, the sky was clear and the stars were out. I felt like a mixture of Abigail Adams and Betty Draper and myself. Then we went back under the tent and danced to some Patsy Cline... and I haven't been able to get that song out of my head since.

Congratulations, Evelyn and Dani. We had THE BEST time. And we're glad you were our first.

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