This one's interactive to the MAX!

On Saturday morning I checked out a Tai Chi class in the YMCA, which was... not as calorie-burning as I might have hoped. Turns out I probably should have read something about Tai Chi before I went. But what the hell, another experience, right?

Anyhoo, when I got home from the gym I decided to hang out with Oscar for a bit. And by that, I mean that I tried to capture his SWEET jumping actions on camera. He was not exactly participating in the way I wanted him to when suddenly the phone rang. Too bad I don't coincidentally have a video of that... OH WAIT.

Oscar jumping from Jen Epting on Vimeo.

The doorman tells me that I have a delivery and my first reaction was "Huh. Must be the wrong apartment." No, he assures me, the name is Jen Epting. I offered to go downstairs to get it and he said no, no, the delivery man would deliver it. To ME. At which point I felt a little like a hillbilly, and so then I jumped around the kitchen for a few minutes while the delivery man took the elevator up to our floor.

And look at what I got! It's from that damn sweet boyfriend of mine, a whole bouquet of fruit for a healthy start to the week!

Totally made my weekend.

Since this post already has one cat video involved, here's one more for good measure. Oscar enjoys our deck almost more than we do. If one of us makes a move towards the deck door, he's immediately underfoot, meowing. And once he gets out there, he spends a lot of time pondering life.

When it's time to go inside, Oscar acts a little like a toddler. He flops down onto his belly and refuses to move, whining the whole way. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a tantrum (complete with French threats... )

Oscar whines about coming inside from Jen Epting on Vimeo.


amber, theambershow said...

He's so funny not wanting to come in!

Do you, uh, need help eating that fruit?

Jen said...

Yep, he's our little drama queen. :)

Damn! I'm so mad I didn't call you last weekend to help with the fruit eating! I ended up freezing a lot of it for smoothies... maybe when we're back from Portland you can come over and we can drink smoothies on the deck?

lindsay said...

jen, let's talk about the fact that Oscar is a gigantor-cat and yet has the sweetest little meow ever! i love him much!

Jen said...

Hahaha... I know, it's the funniest thing. :)

You guys should totally come visit and meet him in person!!

Puebs said...


ev said...

my favorite thing about this video is that you included the word "please" to your cat. i feel that when a cat hears the word "please," it gives him even more gumption to not obey!