8 reasons it does not feel like September.

1. It is 93 degrees out.
2. I'm not going Back to School.
3. I can't believe I've been living with Chris for 9 months.
4. I feel like Courtney has not been pregnant long enough to be due this month.
5. I have not yet mastered Balance Beam '10.
6. I never went to the beach this summer.
7. I'm not ready for apples. Want more peaches.
8. I only got one squash all summer.

Bonus reason: A hurricane is coming to NY this weekend. Wtf.


Courtney said...

I feel like I have been pregnant long enough!! ;)
But, I never went to the beach either and that is a damn shame!!

Jen said...

Haha I knew you were going to say that. :)