Cooked in Brooklyn

The rhythm of this weekend has been make a mess, clean it up, make a mess, clean it up. Yesterday I was a cooking machine, which, I suppose is really just a chef.

First I made broccoli-leek soup as a strong start to the "10-soups-by-Xmas" goal. Kelley was here hanging out, which was a good thing because that girl knows how to use a blender! Also, she is a worthy companion when trying to cut biscuits out of very sticky dough.

Here's how the soup looked when we were done:

The biscuits (or crackers, as they turned out) were made from the Loveless Cafe mix the Sarahs brought when they visited this summer. Pro tip: if you roll the biscuit dough too thin, they will be perfect for breaking into crackery-croutons for your soup. You're welcome!

Last night I made banana bread with peanut flour for the people down the hall who have just had a baby. Isn't that American of us? Finally, after almost 3 years in Brooklyn, I actually know the names of one of our neighbors. That drives me a little crazy about this city... we are united by our zip codes and divided by our love of avoiding those who live next door. Sigh.

With the weather getting more Portland-like by the moment, I decided to cook tofu and veggies for lunch (thanks, LK, for the tofu advice!) and a pot of vegetable stock is simmering away on the stove this afternoon, ready to be made into tomato-corn chowder later tonight.

It is so damn nice to be home. More pix from the 10-soups-by-Xmas project here.

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Avi said...

Good call with the leeks! They make a great soup!

If you keep up the soup making, consider getting an immersion blender. They're fantastic, especially the cordless ones. They save so much time and energy and mess.