DC recommendations?

I'll be in DC this weekend to visit my sibs and I'm looking for recommendations for things to do during the day on Friday while they're working. What neighborhoods are great for wandering? Is there a bookstore I HAVE to go to? And if it doesn't thunderstorm, which park do you recommend?

This is your turn to do a Feast de Voyage... go!


doug said...

Here are my picks if you're into a bunch of walking / hiking.

Take the red line up to Van Ness, walk down Tilden, the follow the trail down Rock Creek Park heading back downtown. It runs through a little valley along the river and you go under the huge arches of the bridges for the avenues above. It's a really nice hike.

Once you get to Q street (you may need the gps/map on your phone to figure out you're there) head over to Dupont Circle to chill on the grass, eat lunch whatever.

After that head back across P or Q towards Georgetown. Walk up and down the streets in the high 20s and 30s between M and Q. This is the oldest part of DC with quiet streets and a bunch of historic homes. After that you should walk up and down M Street. That's the main drag of Georgetown with shops and restaurants.

There's no Metro in Georgetown, so you may want to take the bus back. You can take the G2 to 16th Street, then the S1, S2 or S4 to bring you up the hill to Columbia Heights. If you still feel like walking you can walk that last part and go into Meridian Hill Park... also awesome to see. (if you do, check out 1527 16th - our house!).

There's miles and miles of walking in what I described, but you're a NYer so I'm sure you can take it. :) Let me know if you want to do any of this stuff and I'll elaborate.

Courtney said...

Another fun (and free) thing to do is hit the National Zoo! (http://nationalzoo.si.edu/)
There are some new lion cubs and they just opened a new Elephant habitat!

And I was also going to suggest Meridian Hill park, as it really is beautiful if the fountains are on - which I have no idea if they are or not.

If you end up in Dupont Circle, there is a used bookstore nearby called Second Story Books (http://www.secondstorybooks.com/stores.php)

Hope you have a great trip!! :)