The fog in the forest.

We were in Portland, OR this past weekend for my friend Kathryn's wedding. We spent most of our time in the city, but we rented a car one day and drove out towards the famous Gorge. Somehow we got turned around and ended up on a hiking trail in a deep forest. From the road we could see a thick fog that filled in the spaces between the trees several hundred yards away. It was beautiful. Chris said he'll never forget it as long as he lives and I agree.

Why is fog so beautiful? Maybe it's because it requires very specific conditions to occur and it never lasts. Or because it's pretty from afar but dangerous close-up. Fog, that vixen.

Later, when we were on the right path to the gorge, we suddenly came into an opening along the road where it seemed like the entire planet was viewable.

You could see where the sunlight came through the clouds and was shining on sections of the mountain. It was stunning and totally unexpected and it really opened something up for me, something that I last felt in Ireland when nature was a force that reminded me that I was small and yet that I could see everything. (More pix from our trip here).

I was in no mood for New York City (let alone Newark) on Monday night, and yet here it was, just as loud and bright and crowded as we left it. I felt closed up again, as if someone had zipped me back into the snowsuit I require to live here among millions of people. I went back to taking shallow breaths.

And then late last night Sarah called me and told me she got engaged over the weekend. The Muhlenberg ladies are scheduled to come over tonight for dinner anyway (more on that soon!) and I was so happy that I could celebrate with them tonight. When Katherine got engaged a few years back, I was in Paris and couldn't join them for a few months. The one thing that New York offers is a chance to celebrate these life moments with some of my best friends.

And so I try to find a way to keep treading water among the millions.

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