How to Be Alone

I don't do this very often, but I saw this in my RSS feed this morning from Denise's blog and had to post it. I literally sat here and cried as I watched it. How true this is! How amazing it is to be comfortable being alone...

I adore Chris and I love my friends, but I do find that I need my alone time to go out to eat and travel solo and enjoy my own company. I've spent so many hours exploring new places or getting adjusted to new countries or amusing myself while I wait for someone late. Being alone helps me remember how I REALLY feel, deep down, when no one else is in the room.

Hope you enjoy.


Puebs said...

this is beautiful.

bec said...

love it, and i love being alone! thanks, jen, for sharing. i did too!

MikeM said...

Hi Jen -
Haven't checked in with you since Iowa. Hope you're well.

Your post reminded me of the buddhist chant OM. They call it the 4 syllable sound, but it's "A-UU-MM" - that's only 3, the fourth syllable is silence.

A tout a l'heure.

KYGrace said...

oh my God...she just speaks to why I love being alone and no one seems to understand that and they try to fill my life when I would be much happier just in my own skin in my own place!