The writer and the programmer take to manual work.

It was so beautiful out yesterday that we could not prolong the inevitable any more. Our deck furniture is looking ROUGH. Rough like someone put it through three winters in Brooklyn and a tornado about a month ago. Oh, and hail last week.

Example A:

On Saturday I went to the hardware store and talked through the process with a nice dude at the sand paper counter. "Blah blah sanding, blah blah varnish, blah blah protector, blah blah a lot of patience," he said.

"Ok, great!" I said, and coughed up fifty bucks.

Five hundred splinters later, we have a beautiful varnished table (no protector yet... we're hoping that a little rain this week will not wash the varnish off before we can get to the next step). Here are some highlights from the process. It's looking AWESOME.

Chris' sanding made the wood look a billion times better:

Here we are about halfway done with sanding. See how much crud we sanded off of it?

Sanded and ready to be varnished:

Mr. Handyman varnishing (and attempting not to drip all over the deck):

Mr. Snoozefest, who refused to help:

The best shot of me helping (and that is reaaaaaally saying something... at least there is no ass crack in this one):

Freshly varnished and ready to dry in the sun:

One day later- a beautiful table!

Next up will be that protector layer and then the whole process begins again for the chairs and the lounge chairs and the side table. Perhaps we will have a manual work party and make lunch for our friends in the name of finishing it all this century.

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