Beautiful weekend in Brooklyn

It's honestly felt more like October than November this weekend. Blue skies, cool enough for a jacket but not too cold to walk around the neighborhood. Steve came to stay for the weekend and we had a great time eating bagels, taking walks and popping into newly opened restaurants and stores.

I have no photos to share. You know it's a low-key, fun weekend when you haven't documented any of it outside of your memory bank.


We're headed up to my parents' on Wednesday for Thanksgiving and I can't wait! This year, I'm lobbying to bring one of the desserts. Suddenly instead of feeling like I'm showing up for food with my boyfriend, it feels like our new mini-family should contribute something to the family feast.

On a related note, this mini-family wants to feel healthier in the new year. This morning I asked the doorman if there are stairs in our building; we're now climbing the 8 flights up and down in an attempt to get some basic exercise in our daily routines. We're also going to make an effort to cook more together and learn some really awesome healthy recipes. What do you guys cook for dinner when you need a healthy night? And what simple things do you do to keep yourselves active (that do not relate to the treadmill)?


ev said...

ooooh, 8 flights? work it!! we have a grill pan which i love...so tonight i made grilled chicken with a side sauce which had spinach and tomatoes (yes, looked brown) and then took the rest of the spinach and creamed it with skim milk and low-fat mozzarella and broiled it in the toaster oven. i also put yummy onions all over the grill pan to get delicious and chickeny.
i also love oven-roasted veggies...
you know i dream about food every night, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Delicious healthy recipes:

lindsay said...

hey Jen!
we like the website skinny taste (http://www.skinnytaste.com/). The food is super tasty and follows the weight watchers system so it clearly maps out serving size/portions etc. If you get a chance, try the turkey/zucchini burgers- they were AMAZING!
xoxo, linds