From the days of Mad Men...

We've received some very sweet cards over the past two weeks for our engagement, but the coolest thing was the package we got yesterday. It was from my dear friend Jess Farris who went to Muhlenberg with me. I present for your amusement this sunny Saturday... The Bride's Notebook!

Jess found this gem in a thrift store last week. It was originally published in 1941, but we think this version is from 1950.

Chris and I have been trying to find a venue that's not booked over a year in advance. Yes, I agree it is insane and yes, I lose sleep at night wonder whose backyard we could hijack for a day. But people in the 50s didn't have to worry about this. They probably slept just fine.

Take a look at the SWEET world it used to be! THREE MONTHS BEFORE, you decide what kind of wedding you want. Excuse me while I time travel back to a SANE time. (PS The Carpet vs Canopy line kills me!)

Also, what if you needed a diagram to show you the order of how people walk down the aisle? What do you do in the 50s without the Internet?? Here's what.

Hey look, it's John Groom, Esq.!

Also, I love how weddings in the old days required you to set up your life, like, immediately. Here's an informative page about buying a wardrobe full of color-coordinated clothes. AS IF YOU WENT AROUND NAKED BEFORE THIS.

And obviously, always make sure you have negligees on hand.

Fun, right?


Edith said...

haha amazing. an almost no stress wedding, worrying just three months in advance. and changing your whole wardrobe because you are now a wife! that's cool! is the groom paying for everything as well?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're thinking of having the ceremony in NYC, but if so, the Queens County Farm Museum is a great, budget-friendly option, and may have more open dates to choose from.