Last night as we were falling asleep, I was talking to Chris about time management. I mentioned that I was halfway done with my Christmas cards and that I was genuinely puzzled about how I was able to get that far ahead this year.

"I mean, it's not like I'm not doing anything in my life," I said. "I guess my question is... what do people do with their time?"

Rest assured I'm not trying to sing my own praises here, but rather wonder what I'm missing out on while I'm writing letters and holiday cards.

"What do people do with their time? Watch me for five minutes," he said and then I laughed for half an hour. May you always be blessed with someone who can make you laugh out loud 3 minutes before you fall asleep, because it is the best thing ever and happens very regularly chez nous.

This morning in the subway I thought about this again. I thought about how much sleep we got last night (9 hours... whoah) and how that must be a big factor in being able to muscle through the day. I'm constantly aware of the fact that having kids one day is going to throw a wrecking ball into life as we know it and I often wonder what we'll be able to accomplish with half the sleep we currently get.

In any event, I thought about sleep and the fact that it's Monday and the fact that I was out sick on Thursday and Friday, and a familiar feeling came over me. The more I rolled that particular feeling around in my head, the more it came to ressemble words. And here are the words it represented:


LDTT is a feeling that I get before I do most things in my life. Monday morning? LDTT. Organize addresses for our Save-the-Dates? LDTT. I suppose you could read it as attacking life (or being a crazy robot, whatever), but however you classify it, it's an amazingly efficient little jingle to keep in your mind.

How did I become a LDTT person? I assume my efficient dad had something to do with it. Maybe being the oldest child is relevant too. And to be fair, I do have my days where I think "let's do this thing" and I have to get myself a chai tea latte or listen to some good music to get myself up to LDTT levels.

But so far so good this Monday morning. I'm ready to attack my inbox, ready to set my 5 goals for the day, ready to start a 3-day work week. LDTT.

P.S. The 9 hours really helped.

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