Oscar the Wonder Cat gets a teeth cleaning.

Oscar had surgery two weeks ago to have his teeth cleaned and a few pulled. I promise you we're not hippie cat owners - apparently cat dental issues is all the rage at the vet office in the past few years. Everything went fine and he was back to eating dry food that night, even with stitches in his mouth. He's a brute, that one.

As many of you know Oscar has always been an affectionate cat... so imagine our surprise when the surgery turned him into AN EVEN BIGGER SNUGGLER!

Our theory is that his teeth must have really been hurting him and now he's very happy to feel better. But in this new zest for life, he's also found some very odd places to hang out... like practically in the microwave:

And this is the craziest one. I was writing letters at the kitchen table yesterday afternoon and heard a crunching sound. I turn around to find Oscar CLIMBING INTO THE GARDENIA TREE, crunching the leaves with his feet and settling in for a little nap. Maybe an attempt to get back to nature? Enjoy fall? What a funny guy.


evelyn, lover of oscar said...

PLEASE POST MORE PICTURES OF MY DEAREST LOVE!!!!!!! I can't get enough of his cuteness!!! When can you guys leave for a weekend so we can have him all to ourselves? (Do you want to apartment/cat swap?)

Anonymous said...

oh my god he's like a big lump of lush in your arms! come to aunt kate little one!