Weekend of awesome.

Our lovely friends Chris and Britt got married this weekend and we were both in the wedding. It was beautiful and we had the best time. It's pretty amazing how just participating in someone's wedding brings you closer to them, their families and their friends. We both felt lots of love this weekend. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

More pix on Flickr.

Also, I just have to add these. This morning we took Oscar to a new vet and he was so comfortable being there that he fell asleep on the examination table. If you're in the neighborhood, we totally recommend One Love Animal Hospital. They were incredibly nice and treated him so well.

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Audrey said...

I'm glad someone else has a really laid back cat! My cat Oban lay over twice to get his belly rubbed the last time I took him to the vets. It's not as if he has happy memories there (he's had a rough time lately)! He's just so chilled out.