Contemplating running.

We were supposed to be in Pennsylvania last night to see our extended family, but The Blizzard canceled those plans. We made it back to Brooklyn last night and spent today relaxing, watching New York, I love you and watching the weather. Last night before bed we snapped some photos of the deck with this crazy snow... how creepster is this?

I've been thinking a lot recently about the new year coming up and have been itching to get moving. We quit the gym earlier this year and I'm toying with the idea of rejoining and doing some running in 2011. I'll be honest- I don't know if I believe I can really become a runner. I worry that I'm not disciplined enough. And yet I really want to feel physically strong and I'd love to count running as something I do to relieve stress and challenge myself.

Have any of you who were not running-inclined, become runners? What did you do to keep yourselves motivated? Any words of advice?


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doug said...

Yes, you can do it! I was totally not running inclined, but I stayed motivated by setting bigger and bigger goals for myself. Once you get through some initial suffering you'll start feeling good and you'll want to keep doing it. Just force yourself to keep going and you'll see!

Also, you should read Born to Run. You have to want to run after you read that book. :)