I avoided the joke about condoms growing on trees.

Remember when I had a nature blog? About a lack of birds? Those were the days, huh? Good old Q2 2010, back when I was youthful and energetic.

Our building has an intranet; people post things they're selling, usually when they're moving out. Yesterday we got an email that someone was selling plants that he'd had for TEN YEARS. The couple had quit their jobs and were going to be traveling around the world.

Do you think I could let such geriatric plants die on a December curb?! Please meet the newest members of chez nous: the rubber plant and the banana tree...

Very unclear to me what will happen to the banana tree (the one on the left)... will we have bananas? I hope so, because I have been having a love affair with bananas lately. I've been putting them on my oatmeal every morning and they are delicious.

Look at that bad-ass rubber plant! I feel like a dinosaur is going to come out from behind it any second. Or maybe I'll come home and there will be a tire growing off one of the branches. Or a dinosaur playing on a tire swing. You know, whatever.

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