If you've met me in person, this is sometimes how I talk.

Internet, I am done with holiday parties. They do not stop! You start off having a candy cane and then you are wasted with your work friends and suddenly you have been on a four-day champagne and gingerbread diet. At this point, I am over Christmas! OVER IT!

Just kidding... kind of. The best part is yet to come! I can't wait to see my sister's face when she peels open the wrapping of her brand new... NOPE. Sorry, Katie Epting. You will not find any surprises on this here blog. Not this year.

Do you guys know that I could never keep my sister's gift a secret when I was a kid? I would buy something for her and hide it under my bed with my other family gifts. And then I would wait. Like... ten minutes. And then I would go into her room and say "KATIEIREALLYWANTTOTELLYOUWHATIGOTYOU." She always agreed. Who wouldn't? So her surprises were always ruined. No longer, though! I have learned my Christmas lessons.

This evening, no fewer than two people texted me to watch the segment on memory on tonight's episode of 60 minutes. How awesome is that? Memory learning is spreading, people. And in case you missed it, you should just click on that link and watch the report yourself. It's all about this group of super-humans who can remember every day of their lives. I know it sounds crazy, but you have to see it to believe it. I spent the entire segment saying "WOW!" and looking at Chris with my eyebrows raised, making my "holy schmoly!" face. He was also impressed, but did not have a "holy schmoly!" face. Instead, at the end, he said "I like scientists."

I agree.

This post has gotten a little rambly (and truthfully, reads more like an email to Evelyn than a blog post), but I am embracing the fact that we only have 5 more minutes here at Starbucks before they close. No editing allowed.

To end, here are three things that got me really pumped this weekend:
1. Telling my friends how good Her Fearful Symmetry is. It is so good, guys. Go read it!
2. Looking up flights to London for a little trip in February. London in February should be balmy. HA.
3. Writing a letter tonight at Starbucks and the prospect of adding Goldrick to my list of penpals once she moves to San Fran. There is no limit to my enthusiasm for letters! In fact, I even considered going online and finding an old person (or a young person, whatever) who needs a penpal and adding them to the rotation. And then I thought, "Jen, you have quite a bit on your plate. Maybe next year."

You know what that's called? RESTRICTION. And maybe even Balance.

Balance Beam 2010. Achieved with one minute of Starbucks Internet left. For the win!

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BTW check out the videos of Audrey Niffenegger on the Amazon book page. Interesting.