Priorities and the dress.

Maid of honor took pix all day!
I had a great conversation with my friend Rama at work today about priorities. In the middle of it, I realized how difficult it is for me to make ONE thing my priority. On a conceptual level, I get it. You cannot do everything. But I was (unfortunately?) born with some sort of over-active curiosity that makes me kind of into, well, everything.

This morning I IMed Chris (who is in the office next door- I could knock on the wall to my left and he'd hear it to his right. Funny, right?). "Just bought a leotard and ballet slippers!" I said. "Whhaaaaat?" he typed and I laughed. A few months ago I bought a Groupon that was a GREAT deal on dance lessons and so I thought I'd do some Intro to Ballet in January.

Consider the fact that I'm also trying to put things in order to become a runner in the new year, plan a wedding, entertain myself with my own school, maintain a blog and achieve great things in my job in 2011. (You remember my job.. . the one activity I get PAID to do?). I've revised my list of resolutions and goals for 2011 countless times over the past few weeks and the conversation with Rama this morning prompted me to revise yet again in the name of pruning down expectations for myself.

Le sigh.

In other news, yesterday I found my wedding dress! After nine (YES, NINE) hours of shopping with Mom and Kate, I slipped into one and immediately started crying. The mythical perfect gown was found! And then a unicorn appeared.

I would share pictures, but we're keeping some traditions for our wedding and Chris is to be kept in the dark. We may not be doing a garter (gahhhhhhhhh, sorry Mom), but we'll be avoiding each other on August 13th until I get to the end of the aisle. Also I'll have a dowry.

Heads up, Dad. Get those sheep ready!


lindsay said...

AHHH you found a dresss!!!! so exciting Jen!!!! as for the ballet, you will LOVE it! I started taking ballet again at the 'berg and continued it my first few years in grad school. let me know if you need some other ballet accessories (dance skirt, tights... I will mail them to you). I haven't had time to do it recently but it is a great workout and a bunch of fun! let me know how it goes

Jen said...

Aw, thanks Linds!!! I ordered slippers and a leotard yesterday, but I will let you know if I need anything else! :)