The Tree.

The way we got our tree is a very "us" story. We walked up to the pile of trees on sale down Court Street. "That one looks nice," I said, pointing to the one in front of us.

"I was just thinking that," said Chris. "Let's do this thing."

So we wait for a guy to come over and then we find out the price. Which is... double what I thought it would be.

"OH," I say. "What else do you have?"

The guy shows us another tree and Chris says "Yeah, I think we should just get that other one." So we coughed up the cash and now we have the most beautiful tree in Brooklyn!

P.S. Chris is always the one to say "this is worth the money." If it were up to me, we'd be hot gluing the tree remnants that people drop as they walk their trees home. What I'm saying is, he was totally right.

P.P.S. More pix here.

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Courtney said...

That is a good lookin' tree!