It's a memory present!

When my sister and I were little kids, my great-grandma made us stockings. She stitched our names onto them and she made a third stocking with a blank space for a name- just in case my parents had another kid. I'm not sure if she wasn't able to stitch Steve's name on the last one or what happened, but it remained in a bag with my Mom's Christmas stuff in the basement all these years.

In the meantime, we made him a replacement:

(Steve's is the glittery one at right... mine and Katie's are in the middle)

But when I found his blank stocking in the basement this year, I couldn't resist doing what should have been done 23 years ago. There was a bunch of red and white yarn in the bag and all I needed to borrow was a big yarn needle. (Thanks, Court!) Then tonight, while we watched TV, I sat down and figured out how to finish what Nana Epting started.

I know every time I look at his stocking, I'll remember how I stitched his name on there, how my fingers ran over the same fabric that Nana's had so many years ago. Now all the kids' stockings will match at Christmas 2011! Enjoy, little brother. You're officially in the family.

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