Kicking ass.

Sunrise in Brooklyn the other morning, 7am.
For various reasons, I went to the gym tonight instead of this morning. (Ok, just one reason: I was too sleepy). And as I went through my day today, I got more nervous. Post-work running? That has not yet been tried. So far, in 2011, we know that morning running works. Evening is a crap shoot.

And I really didn't want to go to the gym and suck today.

So when I got on the treadmill for my 5 minute warm-up, I bumped it up from my normal 3.5mph to 3.6. And then when I was supposed to run, I made it 5.1 instead of 5.0. Somewhere during the last five minutes of the run, I bumped it slowly up to 5.9mph and finished my run with my legs going super fast.

Oh. This is why people run.

Because when my C25k app bell rang and told me it was time for a cool down, I wanted to high five someone. "Holy crap, I just ran so fast!" I wanted to say. Instead, I said it in my head as I walked over to the floor area to do push-ups.

On my way over, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror and did a double-take. With my new running clothes and my Garmin on my wrist, I barely recognized myself. I looked badass. I looked like I knew what I was doing!

I looked like I belonged.

And to feel as though I belong to anything exercise-related is kind of the most awesome thing ever. Last night at dinner Chris and I talked about what we were most looking forward to this week. My answer was my run this coming Friday, which is supposed to be TWENTY MINUTES OF RUNNING without stopping to walk. How is that my favorite thing? I guess it is my most scary thing... and lately, I have been loving kicking scary's ass.


doug said...

This made me smile... and want to run fast.

LK said...

I love, love, love this Jen! Next time I am in New York I am getting in touch and we are running together!