The kind of planting you can do in January.

For Christmas, my brother got me a little kit of "Garden Bon Bons." It's a really cute concept, of making herb seeds into candy-looking soil bits and packaging them like chocolate. I planted three this morning (chives, thyme and basil)... here's a look:

Since I had the dirt out, I also decided to do a bunch of violet cuttings. We're going to be using the violet plants as centerpieces at our wedding and it's time to get them growing so they'll be big and blooming by August. The original plants and the cuttings I did last year are blooming like crazy lately!

New violet plants to be!
Nana's original plant.

The original purple plant.

These guys were started as babies last year!

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Puebs said...

NICE!!! Love the violets too. Nana would be really, really happy to know that you're keeping that tradition alive and blooming.