Lazy (zero degree) weekend.

On Friday night, Kelley and I hit up the Bridal Expo in Times Square. Sound horrific? It really was! Imagine people shoving fliers in your face while yelling "BRIDE TO BE?" at you and asking for your email so they can spam you about a dream vacation in Curacao.

Luckily, Kelley is one of the people I love laughing with the most, so we made it through with our sanity in tact. Here we are eating cake:

1/6 of the bridesmaids. 
*Note: VIB = Very Important Bride. Barf.

We finished the evening with dinner and wandering at Whole Foods, where I managed to find some chia seeds. Ever since I read Born to Run, I've been a little obsessed with this infamous magic food. I've been adding them to my oatmeal in the mornings in the hopes of achieving the insane energy the Tarahumara have in life. Instead, I have taken extreme naps both yesterday and today. Odd.

This afternoon I had coffee with Lisa, the girlfriend of one of our co-workers. She is a Physician's Assistant who studied neuroscience and agreed to meet with me to discuss all things memory-related... and can you imagine that she arrived with a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION on hand? Seriously, I meet the nicest people.

How cute is this? 
I'll write up my notes from our conversation and post them soon so I can share her wisdom with all of you. One of the themes was the importance of keeping one's brain active and the importance of feeding your body with the right food. That hit home for me.

We've been eating a lot better lately, more vegetables and less questionable ingredients. It's making me feel better while running and we're sleeping better. It's also giving me some fun challenges in the kitchen and I think it's probably worth a post soon to share some of the recipes I've tried lately.

Here's tonight's quinoa corn chowder that I made towards the end of the Jets game (and that I actually wasn't hungry enough to eat, so it becomes tomorrow's lunch). Chris approved:

And in a stroke of perfect timing, as we're sleeping better, Oscar has started a 5:45am wake-up call which involved throwing chapsticks and pens off of my nightstand until he wakes me up. This weekend he was banished from the room both mornings, but he got over it pretty quick. He acted like our shadows all weekend long.

Can't a girl use her iPod in peace?
Ever get the feeling someone's staring over your shoulder?

Ok, thus wraps up the weekend update. This turned into a photo gallery, but who cares? This week is the last full week of the Memory semester and so I'll be wrapping things up on that front. Stay tuned...

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