Memory Fridays: Hangin' Tough.

These herbs are growing!
Sometimes you can feel that a moment is going to become a memory. Such is the story of this morning's 20 minute run at the gym.

I was nervous. Let me start there. I woke up and thought about going back to sleep. I thought about going after work (although tonight I'm attending a Bridal Expo with Kelley, so no dice). Finally I got up and put my running clothes on. I stretched in front of the couch and I saw it was 7:05. Time to go.

Garmin? Check. Gym pass? Check. iPod Touch? CRAP. Totally out of battery, so I decided to charge it for 10 minutes to see if that would get me through. There was no way I could do the 20 minute run without my trusty C25K app...

Ten minutes later, I was down 8 flights and out the door. And I was just stepping on the treadmill and getting myself set up when I realized: no headphones. NO HEADPHONES. NO MUSIC. FOR TWENTY MINUTES OF RUNNING.

"I can't do this without music!" I thought to myself. And then, 4 seconds later, I thought "well. I guess I'm going to have to."

I covered the timer with a towel in the name of blissful ignorance. And then I started running.

What do you do to distract yourself from something difficult? I thought about the flowers for our wedding. I thought about what kind of public talk I might give for my job. I thought about some of the recent health stuff going on with me and ran harder, as if to run it off. And suddenly, 20 minutes were up.

It's a funny sort of chicken-egg complex to find yourself in. Do you rely on the memory of a strong moment to get you through something tough? Or does the getting through something tough become the memory of the strong moment? Either way, I did my push-ups and sit-ups proudly this morning, knowing that I had done my workout alone, in my own head. And now I have this story in my arsenal, something to pull out and push off of the next time the going gets tough.

Which could be as early as next week, when I move up to 25 minutes. Eeek!

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Erica said...

I think it's so awesome that you're running!! Maybe we could run a 5k or a 10k or even a half marathon together sometime (could give you a good reason to come back to visit us in France!)