Tent: check. Food: check.

The date-raisin-walnut bread I made this afternoon. Yum!
Well, our wedding will have shelter. And it will have food. We spent yesterday running around Westchester, signing contracts for tents and catering and handing out deposit checks like it was our job. I guess this wedding thing is happening! And though I'm sure at some point we will feel overwhelmed, so far we're having a blast tackling what we need to get done, one thing at a time.

Have I mentioned that we're doing a BBQ wedding? Or that we will be incorporating Wisconsin cheese curds into the appetizers? We have so many little surprises built into the day for our guests and I know it's going to truly be a celebration of the people who we love (and who love us). Awesome times a-comin'.

We saw Mom and Dad last night for a pre-birthday dinner and spent today running (me), coding (Chris), watching "The King's Speech" (both), and watching the Packer's game with enthusiasm (surprisingly, both of us!). In a weekend twist, Chris did the grocery shopping since he is planning to cook me dinner tomorrow night in honor of our 2-year anniversary this week. Rest assured you will see photos of that meal later this week!

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