What not to wear.

Here's what happens when you try to buy a 30th birthday dress at Anthropologie:
1. Gather many dresses and bring them to the fitting room.
2. Narrow it down to two.
3. Narrow it down to one.
4. Think about how this is pretty much a plain cotton dress.
5. Look at the price tag again.
6. Sigh. Loudly.
7. Decide to spend more time shopping this week.
8. Three days later, end up back at Anthro.
9. Try on dress again. Feel like it definitely doesn't look $148 good.
10. End up wearing non-new dress... with HOT PINK TIGHTS. And big earrings.

Go to dinner with friends. The end.

1 comment:

Mer said...

Anthro's prices are redonk - glad u had a dress that worked with hot pink tights b/c they are a must :) happy 30th!