European bachelorette vacation, check.

I'm in London and Paris for the week, but I have posts lined up for you! Lucky me. Lucky you!

For the first time, I packed running gear for this vacation. I guess this is a turning point of sorts; when I thought about a week without physical exercise (and really, running especially), it made me a little sad.

I used to be the kind of traveler who threw a couple pair of jeans in a bag and wore the same sneakers the whole trip. I've never been the kind of high maintenance person who needs hair dryers and heels and "evening wear," but I guess it's a sign of the times when your suitcase is bulging with dresses and running sneakers and cables and chargers and your cute boots.

Next time I'm going to need a trunk.

Hell, next time I'm going to have a husband. This is officially my last "European adventure as a non-married girl" and I'm happy to have this time to myself.

... although I'm going to miss that husband-to-be and our trusty feline sidekick a whole lot.

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