Grateful and thoughtful and home.

Me at Hampton Court, where Henry VIII lived.
While standing on line for US customs yesterday, I realized that I had just completed my final international vacation as Jennifer Epting. It hit me as I was flipping through my passport, imagining all the future vacations destined to be recorded on those pages. It was the absolute perfect ending to the trip: a symbol of change, of an optimistic future, but with the slightest hint of sadness.

And that exact blend of emotions is how I spent my week. I started things off with the most wonderful bachelorette dinner with friends on my first night in London (friends who took it upon themselves to organize the surprise for me- though they had never met!). I spoke of our wedding and our relationship and our future babies in London and Paris and in-between. And then, on a bus ride from the airport to center-city Paris, I was hit in the gut by a wave of nostalgia when we passed the street I used to live on.

Such is life.

Perhaps expected, but there was lots of talk of marriage, what it is, why people get married, why they don't. These conversations were passionate and fascinating and revealed our cultures, our formative experiences, the truths we believe to be true. I hope to write more about this later this week, but the short news is that I guess I have some real anger towards married people and the way they treat each other. Huh. Who knew?

I was very happy to come home to the man I'm going to marry, though, and am very grateful to have someone who wants to hear all angles of the conversations I have with others. One week away felt like three and I am so energized, so inspired, so ready to spend the next few months getting ready for a big party in August.

I put some photos up on Flickr and will keep adding batches as I have time... more from me soon.

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Maddy said...

Europe misses you Jen - reviens!!! Mad xxxxxx