Ready for a breath of fresh air.

My European travel gear. YES!
When it comes to friendships, I'm a firm believer that it takes all kinds. There are the people you see every day (they end up knowing a lot about your daily life). Then there are people who live in your city, but you see every few weeks or so. Then there are people who live farther away that you get to see once a year at most.

I'm about to see a whole bunch of that last category!

Tomorrow I'll board a plan to London (and next week, Paris!), where I'm going to be staying with Maddy and Katie. I can already predict a 48 hour non-stop conversation about everything that's happened in the past two years (and then some). I am dying to have this kind of conversation. For me, these annual or semi-annual check-ins provide a vantage point that isn't accessible via any other kind of friendships. Representing yourself to far-away friends requires you to dig differently in your memory and you can't help marveling at how life goes on, all over the world, when you are not there to witness it.

What would I do without my female friends? I would be a very different person. I can't wait to have dinner with Sarah and her boyfriend, view London through Fanny's French eyes, meet up for a one-night-only bar night with everyone I know in Paris, strengthen my friendship with Angela and Lucie by staying with them, and finally reconvene with Celine and Angelique after more than 4 years. Can you imagine how much life has been lived since then?!

It feels like getting an extra episode of your favorite sitcom - the "where are they now?" episode, where your favorite characters come back into your life.

NOT TO MENTION FAVORITE CITIES! I love wandering around London and can't wait to make new memories all around the city. Don't even get me started on Paris. My plan is to leave Angela's apartment next Thursday morning and walk the entire city, only stopping at night to drink a champagne with friends.

Damn, I need this vacation.

Are you in London or Paris? Want to meet up? Drop an email or comment and we'll do it! Let's get these friendships going.


Britt said...

You go, girl. Bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!
Bises et bon vol

Ariel said...

I live in London, Greenwich actually. I'm pretty much always home. This next week is a bit hectic, but if you're heading to the Observatory I can point you to some good eats and drinks.

Jen said...

@B and Fanny- thanks!!

@Ariel- sweet! I have Monday and Tuesday free during the day, so maybe I'll check that out... do you want to email me (jennifer.epting@gmail.com) and I get get some recommendations? :)