Expensive effing gravy.

Yesterday I found a pair of perfect bridal sandals on sale at Zappos.com. So I bought them. And in my head, I thought, "look! sale sandals! this is going so well!"

This afternoon we got the quote back from the printer for our invitations, which will be printed with Letterpress, which will end up costing $20 a piece. And in my head, I thought, "I AM FLIPPING OUT."

Welcome to wedding planning, kids! Welcome to the land of budgets for the financially-unsavvy, the land of shuttle buses who seem to be more expensive than limos, of ministers who charge hundreds of dollars to tie your knot. And if you've never met me, then you don't yet know that I have inherited about 85% of my Dad's love of not spending money. It's important to me that our wedding is as simple and frugal as possible because, well, I would like to travel again in this lifetime. And sometimes buy organic milk.

Here's the scary thing: my aunt is baking our cakes. We are hand-making our guest favors. We did our save-the-dates at Kinko's for crying out loud. So what would have happened to our budget if we hadn't done anything homegrown?! That sound you hear is a bomb exploding in our newly-formed wedding bank account.

And so I take a deep breath. I arm myself with a new number for when we talk to a florist later this month, a smaller number, a number that will probably not result in the kinds of flowers people imagine for weddings. No matter. It will be a wedding.

Know why? Two people are making vows. That's all it takes, really - two people, two vows, and the rest is thousands and thousands of dollars of gravy on top.

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