There are so many hats in this post.

I had this whole post brewing about being tired and feeling vulnerable and wishing I could take a break from society and then I decided "you know what? It is not worth it!"

Here is what IS worth putting out into the universe:

That is me after I ran FOUR MILES on my long run in Austin. What the! I know, I know... you no longer recognize me. I am some kind of weird athletic blogger now, one who wears shorts and a visor.

Well, no fear... you can't kill off an intense, hyper-analytic, type-A blogger that easily! There will be many posts to come about the meaning of crowded subways and the beauty of letting a spider in your living room live another day.

In the meantime, HATS!


bec said...

this post made me laugh. thanks!

Mer said...

this hat thing - not a new concept for you :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtargaro/2078986329/

Jen said...

Hahahaha... Mer, I love it.