4 miles? No problem.

Earlier this week I took a 3-mile run down to Dumbo and back. It was a warm night and I liked running in a neighborhood that I didn't know like the back of my hand. I had just finished 2 miles when I realized that I had sort of forgotten that I was running. My legs were just moving beneath me, propelling me to check out the shops and restaurants along the streets, almost as if I were on a bike.

It was amazing! And I noticed that my ass was not clanging on behind me, the way it feels when you start running, the way that your lumpy body reminds you that it's not yet in the shape you hope it to be. Nope, my body was a little running machine, all tucked in and thriving on motion.

I'm now about three and a half months into running and this morning I ran my second race of the year with my running buddy, Kelley. Here we are after a strong four miles in Central Park this morning:

We are doing it! After 14 weeks of training schedules and long runs and putting races on the calendar, I think it's safe to say that we're becoming real runners. This morning we even passed a bunch of people, as in, we were going faster than they were. (Somewhere a pig just took flight.)

This signing up for races is getting addictive and somehow I'm doing three 10ks in four weeks between May and June. What! That was my goal for the year, to run a 10k, and I'm going to smash that goal pretty soon. Feeling the need to stretch further, Kelley and I decided to start training for a half-marathon. Screw it, we thought. We ran 6.2 miles last Sunday together and we can just work up to 13.1. Right??

This morning as we hit 3 miles and had 1 to go, I remember thinking "I'm having fun!" Unlike my first race of the year, I wasn't worried about my shoelaces (double checked!), my iPod (I no longer use music to run) or wearing the right amount of clothes for the weather. I felt strong and capable and I can't even wait for the next race to come.

More pix here.

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